Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is It OK For Police To Waste YOUR Time?

I was driving from one meeting in Kent to another in Croydon a few weeks back.

During the 25 mile journey I saw no less than NINE drivers pulled over in the space of about half an hour.

The Police were apparently going on a spot-check rampage.

I personally hate the idea of “spot checks” regardless of the arguments for and against.

The fact is that virtually none of us are criminals. But we are made to feel like we just might be.

The very least I think should happen is that drivers should be greeted with an explanation “I’m very sorry to have pulled you over, Sir/Madam, but we are having to carry out spot checks today because (insert reason). We’ll be as quick as we can and try not to hold you up any longer than necessary”.

That might just about placate me for the theft of my time, and I reckon it would most people.

But as you will know if you have ever been pulled over of one of these spot-checks (where they check your tax disc, tyres, and so on), that’s not exactly how it is.

“Where are you going; What are you doing; Your left rear tyre looks a bit low to me” seems to be the routine.

So anyway, I carried on my journey and stopped at the Esso garage on the M23 and saw this (click on the image for a larger version):

“Many of these are forgetful drivers and waste valuable police time...”

While I agree that it IS a waste of Police time, do they not see the irony of putting this poster up and within visual range of 2 innocent motorists who have been pulled over?

Are they saying that it’s not OK for the public to (inadvertently) waste their time, but it is OK for them to (deliberately) waste our time?

After all, as taxpayers we are paying for them, and not the other way around. So if anyone shouldn’t be wasting anyone else’s time...

But what I am really interested in is what you think?

Write your comment below... :-)

All the best,