Thursday, May 7, 2009

PCSO speed traps now here...


I've just got off the phone to Darren, who's one of my
researchers (it's 0:43 in the morning as I write this -
they don't let me get any peace!) and he told me about
a new discovery the team have made this week.

Our source is a Police Constable whose name I won't
mention to avoid him getting into trouble with his
bosses. He has informed us about PCSO's being in
charge of laser speed guns
in the Kent area, and
possibly across the rest of the UK.

According to our source, these PCSO's are untrained
in the use of the speed guns and because of this,
their speed readings can not be used to directly
prosecute motorists.


The speed measurements they collect and the "offending"
cars registration numbers are stored on a central
Intelligence Database which is accessed when a driver
is stopped.

Now, I will have a word with our specialist Solicitors in
the morning about this (they will not be amused if I call
them now :-) and ask them if this information could be
used in any prosecution. I am 90% confident that it
could not though.


Our source says that it does indeed effect an Officers
if they pull you over. In other words, if they pulled
you over for, say, your headlight being broken, then they
would access this Intelligence Database and this could
effect how they deal with you. Even if the original reading
was a load of rubbish, for a different car (mistake), or if
someone else was driving your car!

I must say that this sounds a bit dodgy to me, but I'd like
to ask your opinion?

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Adam Blair