Thursday, May 7, 2009

more about the new camera...

I was at the Traffex show yesterday and managed to have
a word with one of the top bods from Robot, who make the
new camera on test on the A24 and A3 (

The man from Robot requested to know who I was and
when I told him, he smiled and said "oh yes ...I read your blog!"
(I don't have a blog, but think he means this newsletter).

As promised, I found out a bit more about this new camera.

According to Robot, it is in fact a Radar camera just like
the old Gatso's.

Normally I would have known this because I have a Radar
Detector in my car but on this occasion I was driving my girlfriends
car which doesn't have one (she "never" speeds...).

Anyhow, they were a bit evasive when I asked further questions
so I left it there.

The commercial.....

As mentioned the other day, we were filming the TV
commercial for "Project D" on Tuesday.

I haven't been back to the office yet since (writing this en route
back) but I understand that some of the film crew have got pictures
from the shoot.

I will be having a dig through facebook later to find them and if
I do, I'll share them with you in the next few days...

You'll never guess who the stars of the commercial are!

All the best,