Thursday, May 7, 2009

pictures of new camera...

Here are the pictures I promised you last week of the brand
new Speed Camera on test on the A24.

As the camera is not yet type approved (hence the test)
we have to make some guesses, so I consulted my camera
"Guru" Steve Walsh.

You'll notice in the pictures that there are three poles
rather than the normal one. We believe this extra equipment
is part of the testing of the device and it's being used to assist
the evaluation for Home Office Type approval.

There appears to be an extra infra red device facing the traffic.

We do know that the camera is manufactured by Robot and
both myself and Steve are going to go and find out more at
the Traffex show at the NEC this week. If they are there we will
go and find out more!

On a different note...

If I told you where I am off to now you might think I have gone
quite mad!

We are filming a TV commercial today for "Project D" and I
bet you can't guess the celebrity we have got on board to do
the advert!

More soon...