Thursday, May 7, 2009

QE2 bridge cameras go live this week...

During last week, there were SPECS average speed cameras
erected on the QE2 "Dartford" Bridge in Essex/Kent.

They start just before the bridge and end before the tolls at the end.

If you have driven by and not seen them last week, it's because
they are mounted on a road gantry rather than on the normal
yellow or blue poles.

Pictures here:

(from 2 different spotters so that we got all the cameras)

Often there is a big delay between the cameras being put up
and actually going live, but our source tells us that they are
going live this week

The SPECS area on the other side of the road is also being
extended but we understand that the extra cameras haven't
been cabled in yet.

If you own a BTST Locator then the bridge cameras are being
added in the morning ( along with 52 other changes last week) so
I strongly suggest you update yours tomorrow!

All the best,