Friday, May 7, 2010

fire engines used as mobile speed traps?

On Sunday I drove down to the coast to see my parents with my girlfriend.

On the way down we saw an abnormally high number of Police on the roads, and two separate mobile speed traps.

They were both in the Talex's database -- but thanks to the kind motorists travelling in the opposite direction who flashed their headlights all the same :-)

I must admit that because it was bank holiday weekend I'd had my eye out for any 'dodgy' speed traps like the ones we've exposed in the past...


But I didn't see any...

However, someone who believes they did see one is BTST Member Janet:

"Dear Adam, Please could you tell me if the police can use Fire Engines in their hunt for speeding motorists?

Yesterday afternoon I was taking the dogs for a walk on the beach at Morfa Bychan, Porthamadoc and a police car passed me, heading back to town.

Further up the road - where they have just altered the speed limit to 30 mph - there was a fire engine parked.

There are only a couple of houses on that stretch of road, and there was definitely no fire.

But as I got closer I noticed what was definitely a camera against the windscreen of the Fire Engine.

Are the Welsh police being more devious than ever?

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera and there was nowhere to park safely on my side of the road.

I hope you can clear this matter for me. It's bad enough watching out for the police without having to watch out for fire engines as well! They don't hesitate to prosecute you for being just 2 mph over the speed limit.

Thank you, Janet.

While this is not a confirmed sighting, it's consistent with other instances we know about where Police have commandeered vehicals you wouldn't expect in order to catch motorists speeding.

Here's pictures of just a few of them...

All the best,